***** ALL WEEK 17 GAMES ARE ON SUNDAY!!! *****

Week #17 - Sad New Year...

MONDAY 1/2 AM - Let's get right to it... for the weekly pool - Barney's Buddy edged out E&PFen on the tiebreaker and wins the weekly prize for week 17 - Congrats! No one did too well as a 10 was enough to take the week. Notables are below. And for the Yearly - we have a two way tie for First Place overall - which I do not believe has ever happened before. But perhaps it is fitting, since both of these two have been at or near the top all season long... Bobby G and NHREDWOOD ended up both with 139 total wins and will split the 1st and 2nd place winnings between them. CarterJ made up some big ground down the stretch and ends up all alone in 3rd place. Buckeye, Dennis Kahn and Beoffer all just finish a little shy of the money spots but turned in really strong years. This was a hard season - as the picking percentage shows - it was the lowest percentage (53.7%) for the first place position. Thanks for everyone for playing and hopefully we will see you all in September.

FRIDAY 12/30 PM - I have some very sad news to share... My Father passed away on Thursday and life will never be the same for it. He enjoyed life and lived a very full one, but will be missed terribly by me and my family. I wish you all a very nice and healthy new year, but it will definitely be a sad one in my household. Good Luck to all in the final week and may the best picker win...

Just a quick note - I am incredibly busy this year and I will always try to get possibles up and updated standings whenever possible - but please be patient - there may be some delays here and there. The updates may be a bit limited too - but I will do my best to give some info. The picks page will always be up in time (usually Wednesday evening - but could be pushed until Thursday morning on occasions.)

TUESDAY 9/06 PM - It is September and you know what that means... Back To Pool!!!

Most of you know exactly what to do and have been waiting to get going. If you need a refresher or are new to the pool - just check the rules page - it explains everything. Same rules... and hopefully new winners and new results and the best thing of all... lots of NFL football!!! So - get ready to make your picks - take a minute to get your entry fee in the mail and good luck to everyone for a brand new season!
You all know the drill by now - but just to remind you - I am using Google Forms - which means no more Flash or Perl script to process the data - so the spreadsheet is available immediately for you to verify your picks have been recorded (although you will need a google account to view the spreadsheet.) There will no longer be a verification email (it's not an option with Google forms)- so if you are the cautious type - I suggest taking a screen shot before you hit submit. You will be able to see that your name is updated in the submission list right after you make your picks by clicking on the "See Previous Repsonses" Link. Other than that - the rules and the scoring is the same. So get your picks in - get your entry fee submitted and get in the POOL!!!

Keep in mind - if you keep playing and haven't paid and win a week - your entry fee is paid - but you forfeit that weekly winnings to the pool as a penalty. So - pay up or play risking losing what you "win"
***NOTE*** the entry fee is $33. And I will have a strict deadline this year - if you are not paid by the end of week #2 - you will be removed from the pool. I'm a helluva lot busier these days and cannot bother with chasing these down. I also prefer if you use PayPal or can be paid back through it - that will make things a lot easier - but we can still do the old fashioned way as well.

And just a couple of caveats for the vets and newbies...

Please make absolutely sure your picks ARE SUBMITTED!!!I have had heard every excuse from here to there and trust me - I believe you!!! But it's hard to justify to everyone else that your picks were submitted when they can't see them there with everyone elses!!!! I will always listen to someone who's picks don't show up in the database - especially if you took a screen shot.

And please get your picks in before kickoff... again - I believe that you haven't seen any scores and that you forgot to make the picks because your dog ate your printout that you were using to make your picks on - but I do put the picks page up many days in advance of the games and if you haven't found time to do it before 1:00PM on Sunday - I'm sorry - but you will not get credit for any of the games that are already in progress. That's just the fair thing for everyone else who is playing by the rules and the deadline. If you are one of those people that has to wait up until gametime to get the latest news, weather, etc... just make your picks earlier and you can always go back and change a game or two or fifteen - as long as it is before kickoff! Its better to have something submitted to possibly get it right than to not have anything and try to convince me that you just couldn't get to a wi-fi spot at your daughters recital or your iPhone ran out of battery life... you get the idea - just get them in on time and we won't have any problems...

And lastly - yes - on any week (including the first week) where there is a Thursday game(s) - You can just make that pick and then pick the rest of the games before Kickoff Sunday. I do ask that you 1) put a Zero in the MNF total and 2) leave the other games all marked as the default Dog pick - that helps me to identify that you are just picking the Thursday game. ALSO - when you make your Sunday picks - the Thursday pick is not remembered by the page - so please put your Thursday pick in as you entered it before (I will double check - but it helps if you are honest and put this in as you picked it initially.

Other than that - it's easy and fun... if you have any other questions - just ask!


  • [ WEEK#17 RESULTS ]

  • Barney's Buddy: 10 Wins, 45 MNFTP

    10 Wins: E&PFen, 43 MNFTP

    9 Wins: Chris p, Rick B, carterj, Deke, Buckeye, Bobby G, HeinDog, Karen P, MarkE, Tom J Clark

  • [ 2016 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Bobby G 138-119 - 53.7%
  • 1ST PLACE: NHREDWOOD 138-119 - 53.7%
  • 3RD PLACE: CarterJ 136-121 - 52.9%
  • [ 2015 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Steve Rivers 145-111 - 56.6%
  • 2ND PLACE: EFen 141-115 - 55.1%
  • 3RD PLACE: Chris P 136-121 - 52.7%
  • [ 2014 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Loper 150-106 - 58.6%
  • 2ND PLACE: Bob Harnish 147-109 - 57.4%
  • 3RD PLACE: Airlarry10 141-115 - 55.1%

  • [ 2013 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Lee Klein 144-112 - 56.3%
  • 2ND PLACE: Chris Pasquarello 138-118 - 53.9%
  • 2ND PLACE: Loper 138-118 - 53.9%

  • [ 2012 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Babin 139-117 - 54.3%
  • 2ND PLACE: Tom J. Clark 135-121 - 52.7%
  • 2ND PLACE: Beoffer 135-121 - 52.7%

  • [ 2011 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Birdhurd 152-104 - 59.4%
  • 2ND PLACE: Chris Pasquarello 144-112 - 56.3%
  • 3RD PLACE: Laubie 140-116 - 54.7%

    [ 2010 YEAR END WINNERS ]

    1ST PLACE: TAC 143-113 - 55.9%
    2ND PLACE: JCC 139-117 - 54.3%
    3RD PLACE: MARYLOZ 138-118 - 53.9%
  • [ 2009 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Gio 142-114 - 55.5%
  • 2ND PLACE: Birdhurd 140-116 - 54.7%
  • 3RD PLACE: JCC 139-117 - 54.3%
  • [ 2008 YEAR END WINNERS ]

  • 1ST PLACE: Steve Salkin 140-116 - 54.7%
  • 2ND PLACE: Deke 139-117 - 54.3%
  • 3RD PLACE: Anthony Davis 137-119 - 53.5%